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Sound inspired by scent Pt. 2

We write to you as we make preparations online and offline for the release of our upcoming collab, Lights Down Low.

We have worked tirelessly across time zones and state lines to make sure this collab sounds dreamy and smells divine.

Our upcoming candle-music release, Lights Down Low, has a romantic, moody, sexy vibe perfect for a romantic night in or to give yourself all the feels alone! We were brought together by our mutual creativity and shared values. Kokonut Candle Co. is committed to sustainability and cruelty free consumption. This was an influential factor in each party agreeing to the collab.

The Process: The development phase began by discussing the scents that Ana Clara most enjoys. Armed with this information, founder and CEO of Kokonut Candle Co. Thais Justen, took the briefing to her atelier laboratory and experimented with a collection of 10 unique scents ranging from the tangy Brazilian fruit Pitanga with its summer feel, to Black Vanilla with its creamy, sultry richness, developing a total of 10 sample combinations. The samples were shipped to Ana Clara to test and identify the scent that most represented her and would inspire the corresponding song and name of the candle. Based on this scent, Ana Clara wrote Lights Down Low and the candle gained its name.

Learn more about handcrafted candles in our upcoming instagram live!

We are so excited for you to get your very own Lights Down Low. Pre-order the candle via the link and gift someone special with this decadent candle for Christmas.

Lights Down Low drops November, 27 2023 on all platforms.

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