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Caught In The Middle - Out 17 September

17 September marks the release of ACH's next single, Caught In The Middle. A new collaboration with Indian producer Oghamyst. This song marks a new sombre tone to ACH's collection which can not only be heard in the music and the lyrics but the upcoming video clip which really does pull at the heart strings. A modern ballad with a lightly electronic feel, Caught in the Middle tells the story of a love triangle. A lover waiting for a lover who can't seem to manage to leave their lover whose lover wants them to stay.... quite complex, indeed. The song marks the second in a string of collaborations between Oghamyst and ACH. Beyond timezones, beyond culture, beyond language, these two artists have forged a strong partnership through music and throughout a pandemic have managed to deliver some beautiful music. The beauty of the song flows into the cover art, shot by Lisbon based Brazilian photographer Raquel Pellicano who took a wild lime tree, a black cloth and a puff of smoke to capture the very essence of the song.

It will be interesting to see what the future awaits for these two artists.

Caught in the Middle is out on 17 Setember 2021, on all digital platforms.

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