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The pandemic really did a number on the enterainment industry and this long awaited release suffered no less. The expected release date was March 2021, then June 2021 and it can finally be confirmed that the first single off the album, "Horse & Pony Show" will release on 17/12/21. The feelgood song has a country-pop feel and falls well outside the comfort zone of ACH. This song tells the tale of a person in an on again off again relationship that really should be over. That kind of do-si-do romance that you know you shouldn't indulge in but when you see that person, you can help but put on a show and hope that they notice you. But, you also know it wont last. Horse & Pony show is available on all music platforms as of 17 Dec 21.

The album, Songbird Vol.1, will release in early 2022.

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