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Sound inspired by Scent: ACH & Kokonut Candle Co. Collab

I am thrilled to announce my latest collab with Kokonut Candle Co. on my upcoming song, Lights Down Low.

Kokonut Candle Co is a brand I know and love. Together, we have united the art of song and artisanal scent to create a unique scent for my upcoming single Lights Down Low. The song was a consequence of the scent I conceptualized and Kokonut Candle Co. developed in the KCC atelier laboratory. The song has a moody, sexy vibe inspired by dreamy coconut water and rich vanilla elements that form the base of the scent. The song was produced by Girassol Studios in Brazil. Girassol’s lead producer, Jonatas Pingo, has captured the essence of the song by translating the lyrics through instrumentation that feels as intimate and as it sounds. The instrumentation includes long rich notes on the bass guitar and keys that fill the song to create a sound that references artists such as H.E.R and D’Angelo.

Pre-order the candle via the link below and gift someone special with this decadent candle for Christmas.

Lights Down Low drops November, 27 2023 on all platforms.

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