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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

My new rock-pop diet grunge song Troubled Cells, came out this month and the reviews have been so kind. The song is very special as it manages to truly capture the spirit of the lyric - a tough moment that was, in the end, victorious. I wrote the song with Brazilian musicians, Almir Cassio (drums) & Bruno Amorim (guitar) ahead of a very important show in 2019, a benefit show to raise funds for breast implants for low income women who had had a full mastectomy after suffering, but surviving, breast cancer. I had a brush with breast cancer a few years ago and the song just boiled up a few days ahead of the show. We played having barely practiced and it was such an emotional experience. We got to work filling the song out and the pandemic hit.... no studio to record and produce. Eventually we got into the studio - safely- and the version you can now hear captures every bit of the emotion of the ride and ultimate happy ending of this story.

Troubled Cells is out now on all digital platforms- check it out!

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