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NEW RELEASE: HEART out 27-01-2021

I am thrilled to share the upcoming release of my next single - HEART on the 27th of January 2021.

The song, which shares moments of the journey I took as a hospitalized teen and the friendship I developed with my roomie, Tara as she battled cancer and how we did our best to look out for one another... even though I was plugged into the wall for my treatment and she was dying of cancer. Sadly, tara lost her battle with cancer at only 13 years of age.

I am joined on the track by Brazilian singer-songwriter, Ana Lélia whose Bossa Nova tones at an extra layer of sensitivity and sweetness to the track.

Whilst the story is sad and heavy, the song is light and uplifting as it celebrates the beautiful friendship Tara and I shared not during our time in the oncology ward but there after until her sad passing.


Out 27-01-21

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